Hello the Community, I have a so crucial preoccupation and I need to be sure of what i want to have as a decision. So i have been living in Greece and applied for asylum but did not take the final decision before i drop the procedure to reach Belgium where I also applied for asylum despite the Dublin lll. So, now I don't want to stay in Belgium anymore because i had my first negative decision and by then I can't do anything as an activity.What I can do is just to live. In that i want to know if it can be possible for me to apply for asylum and live in Germany whitout no fear of being sent back in Belgium, Greece or my county. Wish i can have some good informations. Thank you.
asked Feb 2, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Garvey | 1,450 views
What if someone already did take an asylum in other EU country.. And then came to Germany
Is there a time line for Germany to give him a negative reply for his asylum?

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Hi @Garvey :)

I think your question already contains parts of the answer. As you said there is Dublin III. This law says that you can only have one asylum application in a EU country. If you go to any other they will probably send you back. Germany, for example, will most likely send you back to Belgium. I can't tell you though if Belgium  will then deport you back to Greece. Some European countries suspended deportation because of the chaotic situation over there.

But if the circumstances in your home country changed for the worse, or if you have new evidence to prove that you need refugee protection, then you can apply again in Greece.

All the best,
answered Feb 5, 2018 by Lea
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Thank you Lea, I have read your answer to my preoccupation and i am convinced for its character of being clear. But I was planning to reach Germany as I explained because, one of my friends leaving there told me that he knew one similar case in which the person is still going on with the procedure over there. That is why i still have hope that it may be possible for my case too

answered Feb 7, 2018 by Garvey
Hello @Garvey - It’s possible in some cases that the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) decides to process your asylum procedure even though there is another responsible country in accordance with Dublin III. For example when they can’t find out or prove in which other European country an asylum seeker has been before. The same goes for people that didn’t get deported within a period of time of 6 months.
BAMF could also decide to process your case deliberately, but that only happens very rarely. There is only few scenarios where you can obligate BAMF to give you an asylum procedure. For example for medical reasons or if they delayed to process it without any obvious reason.
Since you are a Dublin III case, it might make sense to tell BAMF during your interview that you want to have an asylum procedure in Germany and to ask them to do it. But you need convincing reasons for that. Best regards, Thorgen
Source (German language): https://***.nds-fluerat.org/leitfaden/4-der-bescheid-des-bundesamtes/41-unzulaessiger-asylantrag-die-dublin-ii-verordnung/
Hello Thor, so pleased by making things clear for me. Wish I can start learning Germany from you. Thank you

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