Hi guys.
I am Fred, an exchange student in Czech Republic; former English  language teacher  and a student of computer Engineering. I came from Turkey to study in a University in Czech Republic for only one semester. I have temporary resident permit from Czech.
MY problem is, I am a self sponsored student. I have been sponsoring myself for two and half year of my university studies by chance, without any form sponsorship. It has been really difficult for me to pay my tuition fees, bills, rent, study and survive at the the same time.

So, now that i am being in Western-Europe, I want to use this opportunity to apply for asylum so that I can have the access to some forms of financial assistance for living and schooling. Below are my questions:

1. With the battled challenge I am facing,  is it possible for me to get such access if  I apply for asylum  in Germany? Is there a possibility that they will accept my application?

2. Will i be granted any form of assitance from the government with this difficulty that I am faced with. I would  really like to continue forward with my education.

3. İs there any form öf financial assistance or scholarship I can apply for in Germany so that I can continue my university studies?

Kindly give my your thoughts guys.  Please.
I would appreciate answer from anyone with experience or information on this matter.
asked Oct 3, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Fred | 647 views

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Dear @Fred

thank you for sharing your situation with us in the community. 

As for your question in regards of asylum claim in Germany: 

You have been granted student permit in one of the Dublin countries, therefore Germany would not process your case but send you back in order for the Czech R. to process it. 

Therefore I would suggest to you rather apply for a scholarship, there are some options: 

the DAAD: 


Or the poltical associations such as the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Konrad- Adenauer Stiftung etc.: 



They have offices everywhere and support in particular Students with academic backround who cannot support there studies entirely themselves. 

I hope could help you, if you have further question please do not hesitate to use the platform. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 4, 2018 by Nilab
Thanks, Nilab for your answer.

Below is a clause from the Dublin agreement:
 "If protection has already been granted under the law on asylum in one Dublin state, no further examination of the asylum application is possible in Germany. If a Member State establishes that asylum proceedings are to be processed or completed in another Member State, it files a "transfer request" with the State in question"

I have not sought any form of asylum or protection in Czech. So, why will Germany redirect my case to Czech R.? I am little confused about this. Can you please clear my doubt.

Secondly, isit advisable to present or give your passport to the authority when applying for asylum?
is there any advantages or disadvantages?
You have already granted a RESiDENCE Permit in an European country I.e. Czech R. as a student, However, it is NOT possible to be granted that to you again if u seek for Asylum in Germany. @ Nilab has given you the best advice.
Dear @Fred, your welcome. As for your further question: Yes you have not claimed Asylum in the Czech Republic, however you have been issued a legal visa by Czech authorities, therefore it falls under the Dublin regulations and your claim will be rejected under that regulation and processed in Germany. You are asked by law to present documents that proof your identity, whether it would positive to do it in your case or not, is something only a lawyer could answer you. But bear in mind that even if you do not present it, the authorities will find out that you have been issued legal status as a student in a Dublin contracting country, the Czech Republic. I hope I could clearifiy your question. Best regards, Nilab
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