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Hallo leute! i have question about ausbildung. i came to germany in 2015 as a refugee and i had apply for asylum but that was rejected from BAMF. but that time i was doing ausbildung and i wanted a lawyer but my friend he said to me instead of lawyer you should apply for duldung then you will stay here during your ausbildung. i have applied for duldung and i got this. now i have this duldung until  my ausbildung finish my question is if i will finish my ausbildung and i will get job and then i will get 2 years permit and when the 2 years finish what will happen after tow years they will deport me or they will give me visa or something else. and my 2nd question is if i will quit this ausbildung now they will deport me or i have chance to take a lawyer now?
asked May 3 in Education by Adi (280 points)

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Hello @Adi

1) After working for 2 years you are allowed to work in a field that is not connected to the profession that you had your training in. That's what it says in §18a (2) AufenthG. To me that sounds like your residence permit will still be valid (or it will get prolonged) after 2 years.

2) In accordance with § 60a (2) AufenthG you have 6 months to find a new Ausbildung if you quit your first one or if it gets cancelled. Afterwards you will be granted a new Ausbildungsduldung for the duration of your second Ausbildung. Note that you can only switch Ausbildung once.

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answered May 7 by Thor (62,450 points)
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