Hello, I am a refugee with 3 years refugee status and live in the state of NRW in a village. In my small green paper ( address and work premission paper) has been written that I can only live in this place for 3 years. I applied for changing my place of residence and let me to live in another city ( I mentioned a specific city) for educational purposes. The responsible authority accepted this and scribbled (put black lines on my obligated place of residence). Now, can I reside in and city in NRW state or just the city that I mentioned in my application. Did didn't write anything in my small green paper, but just put black lines in my obligatory address
asked Aug 28, 2023 in Home & Living by Dani321 | 417 views

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Hi @Dani321

Your obligation to live in the village has been cancelled for educational reasons. You are not obliged to live in a particular place now.

However, if in the first three months after moving the reason for moving is gone, then the person is obliged to live out the rest of the three years in the new place. Once the three months are over, then there are no more obligations.

For example, a person is living in town A and finds an Ausbildung in town B. They request to move and it is approved. The move there in September but in November they stop the
Ausbildung. They are then obliged to live in town B until the 3 years are up or they find a new reason to move such as a job or course.

The rules on this are in paragraph 12a, section 1 of the Aufenthaltsgesetz:




answered Sep 15, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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