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My name is Mohammed Arebi, 22 years from Libya. I am currently living in Germany with a Duldung for 1.5 years and I have been doing my bachelors which is going well, I am currently in my Internship semester, I have applied for a work permit and received it and will start work on the 15.09 and it is in Freiburg and my residence is in Weimar Thüringen, my question is, is it possible to change my residence (Anmeldung) to Freiburg due to work, even if it wasn’t this internship as it is temporary for 6 months and they might not accept but if I get a long term job there (delivery, amazon warehouse, working student, etc.) is that acceptable and what are the conditions/requirements, Thank you very much.
asked Aug 31, 2021 in Home & Living by moejojo | 523 views

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Oof. This is going to be difficult. Normally a Duldung holder is not allowed to move to another city in another state. You can check this thread for more info here: https://***.wefugees.de/810681/can-i-move-to-other-city-in-the-same-state?show=810681#q810681 and here: https://***.wefugees.de/806137/can-i-move-to-another-federal-state-as-a-duldung-holder?show=806137#q806137.

But if you really, really, really need to move, you need to apply for "Umverteilungsantrag" at the Ausländerbehörde.

answered Sep 1, 2021 by someoneingermany
I understand that I need to apply for Umverteilungsantrag, but my question is will a job somewhere else be a good reason for moving given that I possess a Duldung, Thank you very much.
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It also depends on the types of Duldung you have. It could be possible for you to move to another city if you the Job contract is a full time job and you are totally independent from social benefits, I mean if you can 100% secure your own living.
But a again all depends on the types of Duldung you are holding.

answered Sep 1, 2021 by Great Man
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