I have a nigerian international driving licence which i tried to change it in germany and zulassungsstelle told me is not acceptable here in germany I have to start in beginning which I did but unfortunately I couldn't pass the practical.  probably it is about racism here in my city it is very hard you see black man pass the test.  I was told I can able to change it into poland driving licence.  but I have to get ammeldung in poland so that I can be able to start processing.  he told me if I don't believe him after he has finished the process he will send me the copy of my driving licence I should find a way to verify it  if it on data base meaning if is original.  where can I go to verify it apart from police station.  
to know if he really pass the due process to get it for me. because if I go zulassungsstelle they will ask alot of questions because my antrag is also going on.
asked Mar 30, 2022 in Legal advice by Gentle james | 284 views

we would like to apologize for the late reply. I think your question was not completely clear to us.
Do I understand correctly that you want to check the authenticity of your driver's license obtained in Poland ?
I have forwarded your question to DERKA, a German verification company and I will get back to you as soon as I have a response.

With best regards
Hey James,

so far I could not find a generally valid answer.
Can you please tell me the state you are in?

Kind regards

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