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I live in germany( refuges camp) from safe country. I had long interviw 6 august 2021 and bamf decided to reject my case(manifestly unfounded") 10 august. I recieved letter in 17 august and next day i apeal this decision. That i have aditinal documenta . Questions:

1:Can they deport me if in protocol says: Gleichzeitig beantragen wir, die aufschiebende wirkung dieser klage anzuordnen. 

2. I have Employer who wants to make me ausbildung. He need 2 week to make pracise and then he will borrow permission from auslenderbehorde. Now i have ausweis with 3 month live permision. I had small interviw   14 july.  also im studying deutch language in school. 

Have i chance to make ausbildung , or if I can not make it on time , can i give them documents about my practics of beruf and then can i stay in germany until i am making practice? Sorry for my bad english

asked Aug 22 in Asylum proceedings by Gela

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Dear @Gela

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

It is very difficult to give a tailored and profound advice based on very little information and the limited picture we have from your quite complex situation. Since you are from a so-called "safe country of origin", the asylum and residence laws in Germany unfortunately make it very difficult for you in many aspects. One disadvantage is, that you are not allowed to work during the asylum procedure and therefore can not start an apprenticeship (Ausbildung) either. On your first question: As far as I know, the application for the "Aufschiebende Wirkung" is not enough for stopping a potential deportation - the court would have to grant it for the legal effectiveness. Can you give us an update regarding the court's decision on this? 

From your explanations I understand that you hired a lawyer for your case, right? I would definitely have recommended to do so as well. I am sorry that I can not give you more positive information here. But I will also link our dear @mbeon-Christine - maybe she can correct my thoughts and/or add any advice. 

In any case, please don't hesitate to give us an update on your situation or to get back to us with any further questions. 

All the best, 


answered 6 days ago by Meike
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