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I am Asylum seekr holding Aufenthalgestatung. I have 2 questions.

1. Can I get Nachhilfe. Because Fachrechnen für Gastronomie subject is hard for me. If possible I would like to get other subjects too. Please guide me how to get Nachhilfe sponsorship for me.

2. Currently I live in Werdohl.y Ausbildung schule and working places both in Dortmund. I have already requested transfer to Dortmund via Arnsberg regional office. it's been almost 1 month amd no reply yet. I habe submitted my all contracts and Ausweis alomg with Antrag auf Umverteilung. Please allow mento have idea about this process.

Moreover If my transfer approved how the transfer is working. For example me and my wife both doing same ausbildung and we earn each 750 euro per month. Ausbildung name - Hotelfachmann und Hotelfachfrau. If Arnsberg give approval can I search apartment in Dortmund? Up to which amount? SQM?

Please be kind enough to give me reply.
asked Sep 10 in Education by Coop
I have the same question

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Furthermore stadt Dortmund rejecty city transfer request. As per Arnsberg it mentioned stadt Dortmund refused to get ausbildung contract holders. What can I do? Reapply trasfer to nearby kreis such as Unna Bochum or appeal against the decision.
answered 4 days ago by Coop
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