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My cousin applied for residence 25.5 and he was asked to bring work contract.
He is having a child with permanent residence.
After he gave them  work contract they asked for atleast 1 month payslip.
He gave the 1 month Payslip and now they want 6 months payslips.
Now he is afraid what they might ask next.

1.He has finished 18 months in Germany.
2.He is self dependent and doesn't need money from the city.
How can he enforce the residence through the court?
asked Apr 20 in Legal advice by Poji1234

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It is not really important to involve court. He should work six months and give them , now no matter how you take ausländebehöder to court it is difficult to winn them. They make laws on their own they can decide he should go back to his home land and take visa and come back. Court have no objection for that because is the new law
answered Apr 28 by Gentle james
Have you any link about new law which you described that court say always follow ausländerbehörde,this make no sense that any one go in court and court not hear and directly say follow ausländerbehörde
I only give my opinion. It is not must he have to follow my opinion.  You can go to your lawyer and get more important.  About some reason why ausländebehöder can denied you from getting aufenthaltstitels. And you can also link law that said ausländebehöder must issue aufenthaltstitels because of your child
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