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Something about you: Am Hanah and I really need your help.
Am having a permit to study Ausbildung for 3 years and I have finished my 1st year.
I got pregnant with my German boyfriend and we went to do vaterschaft which was suspended since am doing Ausbildung.

I got a letter from Auslander office saying We should agree doing the DNA test since am supporst to leave the country which is not true.

Am not facing any deportation or I have not dropped my Ausbildung.So what they said it's not true.They told us to agree DNA test or else they will make my life difficult when doing Ausbildung staying or staying in German.

We were told to reject the DNA test since the reason they gave is wrong and am not deportable.
DNA test also its illegal and was stopped in 2013.
I have not applied any permit because I will have a German child as am already having study permit.

What will happen once my child is born
.Will he get German passport?
.Can we now do vaterschaft?
.Can they stop me from Ausbildung since I refused to do DNA test?
.Can they take my study permit back?

kind regards

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