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i'm from Ghana  and i have been in germany since last year. I came to Germany after a studying in Luxembourg   and found a German girl friend. At the moment my German girlfriend is pregnant for three months and she needs me to be closer to her. However, i don't have any visa or residence permit in Europe since my one year schengen expired 6 months ago.

i'm asking what do i need to do to be granted a residence permit in Germany,

And if i will apply for asylum is that gonna help?

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon
asked Oct 6 in Legal advice by wilsin193

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Dear @wilsin193,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thanks for sharing your question with us!

We discussed a similar situation earlier on this platform - you may want to check the following thread for more information. 

As Ghana is one of the so-called “safe countries of origin”, you will probably be faced with more difficult conditions, in case you apply for asylum. 

If I understood correctly, the authorities do not know about your stay in Germany at the moment? 

I would highly recommend you to seek some individual legal advice, for example in a migration counseling office. Please let us know if you need some support in finding one close to your current location. 

I hope this helps and all the best for you,


answered Oct 6 by Meike
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