I'm from Ukraine. My wife is also from Ukraine, but she was studying and working as doctor in Germany and had residence permit, so we have been married since 2012. During our marriage we had two children in the Germany.

since 2013 I have been living and working in the Germany, holding a document with the right to live and work (AUFENTHALTSTITEL). Due to family circumstances ( mother's serious illness and disagreement with my ex-wife), I arrived in Ukraine in December 2016 and since then I have had to travel to the Germany three times to visit the children and arrange their documents, but as mentioned above, As a result of violating the six-month border crossing visa regime, I was no longer able to extend the term of my document (right to live and work).

We got divorced in 2019 year due to a disagreement with my wife. Based on a court decision of Ukraine.

After divorce she's trying to restrict contact with my children, not answering my calls and etc. She's calling when she wants, maybe 1 time in month or 2 month.

Please help me how can i get Residence Permit back ? How to allowing me to have regular and uninterrupted relations with my minor children.
asked Jul 18, 2020 in Legal advice by macedoneli | 1,023 views
Do you your kids hold Germany passports?
After divorce did you lose your sorgerecht?
Are you taking care of the kids e.g paying unterhalt?
Thanks for your reply.

1. as both parents were immigrants with Residence Permit kids don't hold Germany passports, as i know at age of 8 they will become citizens.

2. i don't know what is sorgerecht, i live in Ukraine, i've health issues and can't work at this moment. Last year I graduated culinary courses and i would like to work in Germany, (i've very wide Education, MBA of int. Marketing, worked as Tax specialist)

3. No at this moment i can't help kids, as i mentioned because of family issues and my health problems and Covid 19 issues couldn't find job.
Is there any free lawyer's who will help me to solve this situation ? NGO's or smth like that
Rechtsanwältin Julia Monecke
Alexanderstraße 124
26121 Oldenburg
(Fax: 0441 / 777 01 07)

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2 Answers

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Sorgerecht is your right to take care of the kids.
Am not sure about free lawyers but you can contact AWO or Caritas they have very experienced social workers for free.
I know one lawyer not very expensive but very experienced in humanitarian residence permits and family reunion visas
answered Jul 21, 2020 by Pan 123
Rechtsanwältin Julia Monecke
Alexanderstraße 124
26121 Oldenburg
(Fax: 0441 / 777 01 07)
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I've sent emails to AWO and Caritas i hope they will help me somehow.

if you know any other company who can help me please post it
answered Aug 30, 2020 by macedoneli
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