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I have been with a lawyer since i came to Germany, he has been communicating with the immigration office, and i just i found out that he wasn't great as i expected at what was he doing and representing!
From the beginning two days after i signed up with him, he told that the law been changed !
Two times failed on getting me a residence permit, despite of having a German child and on the way on getting married my German gf, twice failed to inform me about the immigration office decisions and no emails or posts from him, in about a months unless i asked about the status of my case!, lied to me on the way to go back to my country and get a visa to family reunion(about the duration that might take) i feel so exhausted and depressed, i feel like i have been through a wrong way from the beginning! So i really need a lawyer who can defend my case instead of trying to get ride of !
Please it is urgent ! I have a Duldung status now ! And trying to go to court for my case! Thanks in advance!
asked May 8, 2019 in Legal advice by latrache

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2 Answers

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Do you have a date for court hearing
 already ? And how long did it take court b4 writing you the date? Take this lawyer contact Jan Olaf Moyzes
Güntherstraße 77, 22087 Hamburg, Germany.  Drop ur email address for me.
answered May 9, 2019 by Obumkelly79
@obumkelly79 thanks for your help! I didn't go ahead with it yet! And i will definitely contact the lawyer in Humbug,
I wrote you an email.
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Hallo.. have you contacted the lawyer i gave you his contact? And if Yes, how did it go?
answered May 13, 2019 by Obumkelly79
I have contacted the lawyer and he's in vacation this week, will try next one hope to catch up with him!
Thanks for your inquiry again!
Best regards
Okay.. why are you silent on ur emails? Well, how long was giving to you to appeal against the rejection in your residents permit application?
hey dear Obumkelly,
sorry for late reply, i have been busy these last days, they didn't give the appeal yet, waiting for the lawyer from Hamburg, he might propose a plan to work in, i found a job and i'm heading this week to the immigration office to ask for a work permission.
it is hectic and i wish i could get off from this situation.
what about you, i didn't get a chance to ask you, in which status you hold right now? if you don't mind me asking !
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