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My husband gets diplomatic refugee in Germany. What is the meaning of diplomatic refugee? How long can get Blue Passport after he has diplomatic refugee status?

I am waiting for your reply . Thank you
asked Dec 11, 2018 in Legal advice by VIDYA AL MAHMUD

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Nice to hear from you again.

Here's a definition I found by the UNHCR (

  • "The term “diplomatic asylum” in the broad sense is used to denote asylum granted by a State outside its territory, particularly in its diplomatic missions (diplomatic asylum in the strict sense), in its consulates, on board its ships in the territorial waters of another State (naval asylum), and also on board its aircraft and of its military or para-military installations in foreign territory. The other form of asylum granted to individuals, namely, that which is granted by the State within its borders, is generally given the name “territorial asylum” (...)The State in whose territory diplomatic asylum is sought is know as the “local” or “territorial” State - or even, as will be seen from footnote 75 below, the “State” of refuge” - while the person granted asylum may be called either a “refugee” or an “asylee”..."

--> Basically, diplomatic asylum is granted to people who are outside of the country's borders (in this case German consulates, ships, territorial waters of another state, etc), while territorial asylum is referred to asylum granted within the country's borders. Does this definition help?

As for your second question, my research has shown that the "Blue Passport" is valid for the same time that you have a residence permit, meaning that it's valid for three years for recognized refugees and asylum seekers. After that period, you have to apply for a new travel document. The following website explains the rights of a "Blue Passport" holder:

Let me know if you need any further assistance, I hope I've answered your questions so far. 

All the best, 


answered Dec 12, 2018 by Isa
Thank you for your answer , it's really clearly about Diplomatic Asylum
For validation of Blue passport is three years.
Refer to my question before, please inform me about how long he can get Blue Passport from he gets status Diplomatic Refugee ? So he can start travel to another country.
For validation of Blue passport is three years.
Dear @VIDYA,

Exactly, the Blue passport is valid for three years. I'm not sure I fully understand your second question. Your husband is already recognized as a diplomatic refugee, is that correct? Are you asking when and how he can get a Blue passport?

Here is an answer to that question from the link I sent you before:
"The local Immigration Office will issue your passport. In principle, you will receive it along with your residence permit. You have to pay for your travel document, even if you are receiving social benefits (e.g. from Job Centre). The amount you pay depends on your age and status and can be as high as 100 Euro.

You will also need a biometric passport photo (which you can take in a photo booth or photo studio), a proof of residence (registration or „Anmeldung“) and a document acknowledging your asylum rights or refugee status. Usually, the immigration authority takes six to eight weeks to issue your travel ID."

What this means is that your husband will have to go to your local Immigration Office and ask them about getting a passport. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, it will take six to eight weeks until you receive it.

Did this information answer your question?
Hallo Isa, belongs to my experience about blue passport. There is a happy result that my husband get blue passport now and he can come to Indonesia for visiting me. But the Indonesian Embassy ask him to get invitation letter from me(indonesia). Because of he is not citizen of Germany still blue passport holder he gets a different procedure to get the Indonesian visa. To who I must give the invitation letter (immigration in Indonesia then they will send to Indonesian Embassy or directly I give to my husband and he give to Indonesian Embassy in Berlin)?
Dear @,
Congrats!! From what I could find in my research, the invitation letter has to be handed in with all the other documents at the Indonesian embassy. So: you have to write the letter (as explained here: and send it to him. Then, he can apply for the visa at the embassy in Berlin.

Here is some more information in German from the Indonesian embassy in Berlin:

I hope this helps!

Best, Isa
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