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My fiancee is from Liberia and has asylum in Germany, I live in U.S. We want to get married in Germany and move to U.S. but my family wants to meet him first. I  want to know if he can just visit and if he will be allowed back into Germany.  When I searched for answers it mostly showed refugees can travel to EU countries. Which passport will he use his home passport or German blue passport? How difficult is it to just get a tourist visa to U.S  as a refugee of another country?
asked Feb 19, 2019 in Legal advice by Djonessa
retagged Feb 21, 2019

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Dear @Djonessa,

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A very similar question has already been asked and answered before, please have a look at the following thread from our platform: Is it possible to get a tourist visa to visit the US as a Syrian refugee who lives in Germany?

Since your boyfriend has already been granted asylum, he should be able to travel to the U.S. with the refugee passport, often known as "Blue passport" - but he will need a visa. His protection title would only be terminated if he traveled to his "homeland". Fact is: your boyfriend has a recognized residence title in Germany, so the process of applying for a tourist visa should be the same (at least I couldn't find sources stating something else).

However, I cannot say whether or not the application will be successful or how likely it is that he will receive said visa. You could try and reach out to a refugee council in your area in the U.S. and ask them if they know about rates of granted visas for refugees who applied for tourist visas.

Here, you can find information by the U.S. government on how to apply for a "nonimmigrant visa" (tourist visa):

Also, if you are interested in getting information on How to Marry in Germany, please go ahead and use our search function (on the right!). Type in "marriage in Germany" "getting married" or the like, we have had plenty of cases that can be very helpful :-)

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answered Feb 21, 2019 by Isa
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