Hello, my name is Daniel. i received a letter from the immigration authority in my locality that, I should bring my nation passport after three months of duldung. Now I have two children all born in Germany, and my wife is from another country but we are living together in Germany. My children decision is in BAMF. and my wife is appealing in the administrative court. I have all the necessary documents that shows that I'm the father and also the custody right. the ausländerbehöde already have my birth certificate, and now they gave me two weeks to provide a passport. Please can I know the reason why I need to submit my national passport to them?

asked Dec 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Daniel Egyir
Please how long have you been holding the Duldung?

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2 Answers

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Hello Daniel Egyair@, thank you for your question but I will guest you see a lawyer in your place of living for advice
answered Dec 8, 2018 by Denny28
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Daniel, ever since they gave you 2 weeks to hand your passport to them, have you given them your passport or not, if not , are they threaten you with prison  or fine?  I ask because they are threatenin me with fine of 3000 or I go prison if I do not submit my passport to them. Please reply me daniel
answered Mar 17, 2019 by felise
Hi David, they never fined nor prison me, but I assured them that I will provide the passport since my wife and my children got a year residence permit. Can I know if I'm entitled to residence permit through my children?
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