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Yesterday I received Duldung and now ausländerbehorde asking me to clear my identity either submitting my home country birth certificate or passport. I have unlimited work permit n working as full time employee for almost 4 year. I need legal advice from one of the expert about further action I have already contacted expert on APP (mbeon) but I'm not satisfied because over there expert are not replying even waiting after weeks. Can any expert give me his or her active link on app so that we can communicate over ther. Bundles of thanks.  I'm also ready to share all my documents without Daten schutz. Even I'm also ready to communicate over the email or Ginlo whatever possible way.
asked Mar 24 in Legal advice by Refusegee
I am not an expert but from my personal experiences if you fail to clear your identity or refuse to take the necessary steps to obtain you national passport, there's high risk that your working permit will be taken away from you.

Thank you

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