I intend to seek legal advice regarding the following questions,

  1. Can I apply/study in a country other than where I have filed an asylum?
  2. Can one visit/travel to USA/Canada or other country (except the mother country) while an asylum seeker in Europe ? 
  3. What will be the scenario if I decide to go to Canada for a postgraduate program? What legal steps would be necessary while an asylum applicant in Europe?

Kind regards

asked Nov 30, 2018 in Education by Aqib | 2,043 views

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Dear @Aqib

Welcome and thanks for joining our community! 

As for your questions, it would be essential to know a few more details before I can do some research for you. If you feel comfortable sharing this with us - What is your current status? Have you already applied for asylum? If that is the case, where? 

Once you get back to us with this information, I can find out more as each country has different regulations. 

You can also already have a **** at this website, where each EU-countries' asylum proceedings and travel regulations are listed: ****://***.asylumineurope.org/. Here, for example, is information about travel rights within Germany as a refugee: ****://***.asylumineurope.org/reports/country/germany/content-international-protection/movement-and-mobility/travel-documents. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

All the best, 


answered Dec 6, 2018 by Isa
Thank you for your kind response @Isa I am currently in Spain. I have applied asylum here and have not received any decision yet. I want to apply for master in TUM Germany. I also intend to apply to erasmus joint master program (which involves stays at two different european country). I hope I have addressed all of your queries. Looking forward to hearing from you.
You're welcome :)

As for your question whether or not you can study in a different country while your asylum proceeding is unclear -  in the sources I found it says that you have to stay in Spain until your asylum status is official.

This is from the Ciutat Refugi website: "Claiming asylum entitles you to remain in Spain while your application is being processed, halt any removal or expulsion procedure that may concern you, receive legal aid and health care, receive specific social benefits and be documented as an applicant for international protection."
Also, "As soon as your application has been accepted, you will receive a red document, which will be valid and renewable for 3 to 6 months. Once this 6-month period is over, you will receive a permit to work in Spain."

The website further explains your right to legal advice and what will happen if your claim is denied.

Since the Spanish system is different from the German system (and hence also asylum procedures), it's probably best if you go to an organization in Spain. If you go to the bottom of this document, there is a list of useful addresses and NGOs in Spain that support asylum seekers: ****://***.interior.gob.es/documents/642317/1201485/Informacion_solicitantes_Asilo_Ingles_126160099.pdf/c2097f86-ebc6-4e7b-aeda-d9a64782c457

It makes a lot of sense to call up or email one/ more of them and ask if you can talk to them in person, to explain your situation!

And in case you already want to receive information about TU Munich, here's a page for refugees in English: https://***.tum.de/en/studies/advising/refugees/

I hope this helps :)

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