Can someone with a previous  legal residence permit apply for asylum in Germany?( i have a temporary resident permit in Austria)
 Is the integration course different from the language course?
Does an asylum seeker have the right to study in university?
asked Sep 13, 2018 in Education by Fred

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2 Answers

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Yes, Asylum seeker have right to study and just based on study duration your asylum even rejected but they can't deport you back and as you said you hold temporary residence permit from Austria so it's more easy for you and you can study but I think you need German Language if you want to study with Germans
answered Sep 14, 2018 by Kevinreed00131
are you 100% sure, once i apply for asylum, and doing 30 credits each semester, after one year i will be done 30 credit, still 60 credit will be left. if i get negative result, are you sure i will be able allow to complete the degree ?
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Dear @Fred, thank you for sharing this question with us and waiting for our response. I will do some research and get back to you asap. Best regards, NIlab
answered Sep 17, 2018 by Nilab
hi nilab, did you got any information regarding that ??
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