Hello everyone,

I am a Syrian asylum seeker with Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering and an MSC in Environmental engineering and climate change. I got a D-type study Visa in Hungary. My visa is valid for 30 days from the day I enter the Hungarian land. Also, I was a refugee in Lebanon but I managed to work to save some money so that I can go to Germany on my own responsibility and not wait for resettlement program by UNHCR which takes ages to happen.  when I got there I made my way to Germany. 

My question is: Could I apply for asylum-seeking in Germany since I did not apply for the student residence in Hungary?. Taking into consideration that I had just an entry permit to Hungary valid for the 17th of March,2022. Honestly, I spent 4 years in Lebanon, working and suffering from being in such an insecure and racist environment. And the hungarian Government is so strict with refugee cases and may deport me to Lebanon where I am prohibited to enter because I was a refugee there and left it on my own with no support from the UNHCR. I wonder if there is any way to ensure that I will not be deported to Hungary or Lebanon and my asylum will be accepted in Germany so that I can complete my PhD Studies and re-build my professional career.

Thank you in advance for your time and your kind consideration. 

asked Feb 21, 2022 in Legal advice by Somar | 754 views

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