It's safe to bring any documents ,if you dont seek asylum and you live in Germany with Duldung status?

 I'm facing this problem because i can't open bank acount here  with Duldung- Sparkasse  Emden Niedersachsen is responsible. I am 18 year old, going to school (10 klasse) and living alone. I came to Germany when I was 17 years, can they change my Duldung statue if I bring any ducument from home ?
 I don't know how it works because  my asylum stories is weak. My Vormund said my asylum storie is weak he doesn't want me to claim for Asylum. Can they change my Duldung,  if I get a Job or Ausbildung?Can I do ausbildung with my Duldun or work when I finish my 10 Klasse?
asked Nov 14, 2018 in Legal advice by Mo_singz | 607 views

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Dear @Mo_singz

thank you for sharing your situation with us. 

As for your questions: 

1. In regards of your asylum reasons( "story"): we suggest you to consult a lawyer in order to get an advice that is specific. 

2. Sparkasse account: Here it would be important to know what do you refer to by Duldung--> do you mean Aussetzung der Abschiebung or §60 Abschiebeverbot? 

3. Ausbildung/ Job: here our experts from @Arrivo-EMSA will get back to you soon. 

We are looking forward to your specification, in the meantime if more questions arise please feel free to reach out to the community. 

Best regards, 


answered Nov 15, 2018 by Nilab
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Thank you very much for your question. We here in Arrivo Berlin Wege zum Berufsabschluss will help you get clear with the idea of residence permit based on a vocational qualification. We cannot give legal advice, and we do not guarantee the legal procedure that you might undergo to get a residence permit based on vocational training.

So now you are doing your 10 Klasse. That is for sure a very good step to ensure your place in a vocational training program or Ausbildung. For this word ‘Ausbildung’, we have to make it clear as well that there are two different major types of Ausbildung, ‘Betrieblische  Ausbildung’ and ‘schulische Ausbildung.’

The’ betriebliche Ausbildung’ means that you have to find a company where you can learn the practical part of your vocational training and you have to go at the same time to a vocational school. This is called in German ‘duales System’.  The company will pay you some money and the Arbeitsagentur  will pay you some money to cover your living expenses, if the wage is too low.

The ‘schulische Ausbildung’ is when you learn a profession only at a vocational school. In this case, there will be no company that will pay you any money.

Since you have a problem with your residence permit, it would be better to search for a ‘betrieblische Ausbildung’. When you find one, you can apply for a residence permit called ‘Ausbildungsduldung’. You have the right to apply for it and the Foreigner’s Police will study your situation and decide accordingly.

Since the duration of the Ausbildung is usually three years, the Ausbildungsduldung is usually for three years as well. That is to cover the duration of the Ausbildung. After you finish your Ausbildung, your residence permit will be extended for six months in order to find a job in the same field in which you made your Ausbildung. Our tip here is to learn a profession that is required in the German job market. After you find your job, your residence Permit will be extended for two more years. This is known as the 3+2 formula.

A tip that might be useful to you is that it is better to start looking for an Ausbildung from now because usually it begins once a year in September. This way you can finish your 10 Klasse and you can start the Ausbildung in the same year.

We hope that our answer is helpful to you. We would be glad to answer any more questions in this regard.

Best wishes

ARRIVO Berlin Wege yum Berufsabschluss
answered Nov 22, 2018 by Arrivo-EMSA
How can i apply for the residence permit called ‘Ausbildungsduldung.. do I need any ducument or paper ... because I  don't sake asylum my my ausweis is Duldung . So I don't know if I have any any chance, if i don't have any ducument with me from my country
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