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Hello as per the instructions I gave my passport to the Ausländerbehorde for verification. I am in the second year of my ausbildungs. It has been weeks and months but still no response from the Ausländerbehorde regarding my case. Last time she informed me that the case is still running. My lawyer has applied for Ausbildungsduldung. Could anyone please help me out in the situation?  I will complete my 5 years of my stay in Germany in the year 2022 and in the year 2023 my ausbildung will get over.
asked Aug 18, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Sidra | 1 view
Hi @Sidra, thanks for reaching out to us again. I will link our dear expert @mbeon-Éanna here, maybe he can get back to you shortly with an advice. Best wishes, Julia
Thank you.
I will be waiting. :)

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Hi @Sidra,

There is unfortunately no specific time frame for the processing for an application for an Ausbildungsduldung. I have found one document about it from the Refugee Council in the region of Saxony-Anhalt where it said processing was on average 3 months, sometimes longer. If you have submitted a passport and your Ausbildung contract, I don’t see any reason (other than perhaps a large caseload at the Ausländerbehörde due to the situation in Ukraine) for it not to be processed quickly.

Under German administrative law, if an application is not processed within three months, you have the opportunity to submit a legal complaint called an ‘Untätigkeitsklage’. This would be something to consult with your lawyer about doing. Here is some information about this type of procedure. It comes from Wikipedia via an online translation so it is only to give you a basic outline; it is not a reliable legal source:




answered Aug 26, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
Got it! Thank you once again ! You helped me a lot through your answer!
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