Hello sir/madam,                                         I am sorry that, my English is not good. I need some information from you. I am an asylum seeker in Germany. And I don’t have any nationality. Because I am a state less. So I don’t have pessport any others country. My asylum application is not granted and I appeal it. My question is my girlfriend is a student in Germany. Her nationality is Bangladeshi. Now we want to marry here. Without passport can I marry her????

asked Nov 24, 2017 in Legal advice by Monir | 2,539 views

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Based on my personal experience, No.
Passport is your identity. Standesamt will require a birth certificate as well in addition to your passport.
answered Nov 27, 2017 by hoalzein
Hello, you told me if I take baby then I am safe. But my lawyer said that if you take baby it’s not consider for your asylum. Because your girlfriend is not a europian citizen. Now I am totally confuse. Which one is right!!!! Please tell me what can I do now.
Hello @Monir - it makes a difference whether you have a child with a European woman or a non-European. If you have a baby with a EU-citizen and you prove authorities that you want to take care of it, then you will be issued a residence permit (see here for example: https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/2240). Having a baby with a non-EU citizen won’t grant you asylum automatically and it’s not going to be taken into consideration during your asylum procedure at BAMF. Your lawyer is right about that.
If a child is born in Germany, however, while at least one of the parents is still in the asylum procedure, then BAMF will start a separate asylum procedure for the newborn. Parents and children won’t be separated in this case. For example if the child receives a residence permit, while the parents get a negative result on their application, the parents will be allowed to stay in Germany and probably can apply for family reunion to get a residence permit. However, that would require to have a child before receiving a decision on your cases by BAMF. Best regards, Thorgen
Hello sir, I want to know more information. Please help me. My asylum is reject. Now I am on appeal. I told you that my girlfriend is a student here and she not a EU citizen. Now my question is if I take a baby will it helpful for stay here?? Thanks
Hello @Monir - nice to hear from you again. Please read carefully what I wrote in my two comments above: the ruling outlined there still applies. Best regards, Thorgen
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