Hello Everyone,

I must say this is a helpful community after reading some questions and answers. Hence, my motivation to sign up.

My question is:
I am an Asylum Seeker in Germany, and BAMF rejected my request because I have lived in another EU country before (Dublin Case). I got a lawyer and I and my German partner told her of our intention to get married, then she wrote to foreign Office of our marriage intention. I know I am required to submit my passport, the problem is I told BAMF my passport is missing but I did not report to the police about my missing passport. Can I still report to the police (because it is now 4 months) in order to apply for another passport at the Embassy? Or do I submit my old passport when I find it as I only have the electronic copy of the data page of my passport? What is the implication of me submitting my old passport.

Another question is:
If I have every other documents required to get married in Germany except for my Primary School and Secondary School Certificate, will Stadesamt still allow me to get married?
Please your help is urgently needed and appreciated. Thank you in advance.
asked Aug 29, 2017 in Legal advice by Starry | 862 views

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Hello @Starry and welcome to our community!

What does your lawyer recommend to do in this situation? In can imagine that a digital copy of a passport or expired papers is probably not enough since they want to see valid original documents.

Concerning your last question: Did the Standesamt ask you to hand in school certificates? Because I didn't find any information that this is necessary. Usually you just need a valid passport (or another document that proves your identity), a certificate of birth, a registration card and (sometimes) a certificate of no impediment in order to get married.

Best regards,
answered Aug 30, 2017 by Thor
Hi @Thor, Thank you for your response. I am expected to submit my valid passport but the problem is I did not declare it during my interview at BAMF(not available). If I should present the passport now, is there a possibility of foreign office using it to deport me? Because my lawyer did not appeal my rejection in court instead she wrote a letter to foreign office that I want to get married (She said I won't win the appeal that there was no need to appeal).
@Thor, Concerning the documents required, there is a list given to us by Standesamt requesting for birth certificate, valid passport, a certificate of no impediment. There is also another list that mentioned my Primary School and Secondary School certificate. My question is the certificate usually compulsory? Because I have every other documents already.                                                    Thank you once again @Thor
Hello @Starry - usually authorities need a passport in order to deport someone. At least if you are about to be send back to your home country. I’m not sure how it is handled in Dublin cases when you are about to be send to another EU-member state, but broadly speaking you always need valid documents if you want to cross borders. Keep in mind that handing in your passport at Standesamt might lead to deportation if they inform Ausländerbehörde about it. This doesn’t happen necessarily, but it could. Once again: You are in the unusual situation to have a lawyer - in case of doubt please consult her about how to proceed if you are not entirely sure. She is probably more competent and familiar with your case than we are.
I’m still confused that they ask for school certificates because I found no source that said that you need to hand them in. Besides, it doesn’t make sense since your qualification has nothing to do with your wish to get married. Are you entirely sure that this other list also contains documents that you need to provide at Standesamt in order to get married? You can try to find out if you have another competent Standesamt in your area that you can ask which documents they want to see. It could be that the executives at your Standesamt have a more deprecatory position towards bi-national marriages and ask for papers that are hard to provide on purpose. I know that this sounds like a bad joke, but according to my research it could be.
@Thor, thank you so much you have been very helpful.
I'm glad to hear that :)
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