I have been rejected from BAMF and appealed. My fiancé lives in France and is a french but of pakistani origin. I applied for marriage in standsamt and they asked me to show my passport with its photocopies. So i insisted them to have my passport copies once and then i’ll take my passport as well. So i already submitted my passport application at pakistan embassy frankfurt. Today i got a call from my house maid that police took a somalian lady and cops were asking for me as well and they wanted to take me with them too. Now I don’t understand WHY ?

Is it illegal to have passport ?

I don’t have doldung. Can’t i marry in germany ?

Is it illegal to marry ?

What was my mistake that cops came to take me at 3am ?

What if i go to auslanderbehorde to upgrade my ausweise? Will they take me to police?

What about my marriage case that i filed in standsamt?
asked Mar 20, 2018 in Legal advice by Zarmeena | 1,222 views

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Hello @Zarmeena

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

First of all we need to know what your legal status is at the moment. You said that you appealed after you've been rejected by BAMF. Has your appeal been decided yet or not?

To answer your other questions: no, of course it's not illegal to have a passport and you are allowed to marry, no matter what your legal status is. But it's always risky to submit your passport to officials if you've been rejected during your asylum procedure or if you have Duldung. Authorities need to have a valid passport that proves your identity in order to deport you. It could be that Standesamt informed Ausländerbehörde/Police about it and that they are now searching for you. But you can't get deported as long as your appeal is still not decided yet. That's why I asked about it.

Best regards,


answered Mar 21, 2018 by Thor
No there is no second interview’s call yet. That is y i’m more curious why police is searching for me. And what if i go to auslanderbehorde to ask them about police or upgrade my ausweise as it will expire after 3 months. Will they call the police to take me with them ?
Ok, thanks for clarifying the matter. But I have to admit that I don't know why police is searching for you in this case.

In which city are you living? Maybe I can find a counselling center for you that can take a closer **** at your case.
I’m living in bellheim. And i want to tell you one more thing. Police came at 3am and they took a somalian lady with them she had finger prints in italy and they asked where is pakistani frau ... ?
I also have finger prints in austria but they are like 8 months b4 i applied assylum here in germany. And gormind didn’t send me any letter regarding to that. And I applied assylum in germany in may 2017. Isn’t its too late for the gormind to send me back to austria and without any notice?
Indeed, usually authorities check back with their database if you have been registered with your fingerprint in another country before they even start your asylum procedure. However, you already had a procedure which is why I can't explain why police was searching for you. To me it seems that it's too late for deportation in accordance with Dublin III.
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