Hi I have an subsidiary from Italy and I came to Germany to seek asylum so that I can get a job. But the rejected my alsylum and they need my country passport before they can give me job.

Auslanderbehorde ask for my country passport. But I want to know if they use it to deport me to my country of Origin or they will be to back to Italy. Please I need reply
asked Feb 15, 2018 in Legal advice by Specail | 1,989 views

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Please what should I do? Should I give them my country passport?
answered Feb 15, 2018 by Specail
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Hi @Specail :)

Germany can't deport you without valid papers. That is why Ausländerbehörde wants to have your passport. In case you give it to them you will not be send to your home country (don't worry about that). But they will send you to Italy. There is a European law called Dublin III. It says that Italy is responsible for you because you applied for asylum there first (and by the way, that's also why Germany rejected your second application).

But in general I don't really see how you can stay in Germany legally in the long-run. I mean, with subsidiary protection you are allowed to travel. And I think you don't need a visa for Germany if you stay for no longer than 3 months. But you can't stay or work here with that legal status for longer periods of time anyway :/

All the best,
answered Feb 15, 2018 by Lea
Thanks a lot
Sorry please one more question!

Can auslanderboherde give me back my country passport if I'm willing or if they tell me to go back Italy from Germany?
Sorry please one more question!   Can auslanderboherde give me back my country passport if I'm willing or if they tell me to go back Italy from Germany?
Hi @Specail :) Yes, I'm pretty sure you will get it back as soon as you want/have to leave Germany. All the best, Lea
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