I want to know how to get my italy documents and my gambia passport from germany police... whiles I seek asylum in Germany ...Hallo guys... i make my frist asylum in italy.. but they negative me and i appeal after my appeal i went to germany and i make there my second asylum.. but i was communicating with my lawyer after 6 month time my call me and tell me i have 2 years humanitarian document..... i went to italy, i collect my 2 years humanitarian document and i go back to germany... after 2 years my documents was expired and i went back to italy to change it...on my way back coming germany police control me in the border...they put my finger and they knows that i make asylum in germany...and they take the permissor di sorggirno the expired one,, my gambia passport that one is valid up 2020,, the receipt of permissor di sorggirno the changing documents,, and my italian id card thats valid up to 2025... Am confused rigth now...i dont know what to do,,,because i got a woman in germany and get marriage in italy so without my gambia passport we cannot marriage... so I want to know how will i get my documents or is necessary for me to make a new passport... please guys help me
asked Mar 29, 2018 in Legal advice by Wayne carter | 1,036 views

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1 Answer

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My friend has also experience such problem last year, with the help of lawyer they gave him back his italy document but the conditions they gave him is that he must canceled his asylum in Germany. After that they gave him back his italy document and he went back to italy....just take a good lawyer to **** into your case.
answered Mar 31, 2018 by felise
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