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I am a Syrian refugee and i have submitted my Syrian passport and ID at the Hearing in Haart 148 Neumünster on 09.03.2016.
I was supposed to got them back when i received my German residency permit and travel document, but i have not.
after 16 months of searching i was informed that they are at the Behörde für Inneres und Sport
Hammer Straße 30-34,22041 Hamburg.
These documents are the last shred of identity that i have, how do i get them back???
asked Jul 18, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Roula
Hello @Roula - and welcome to our community!
Have you tried to get in contact with the Behörde? If yes, what was their response?
Best regards, Thorgen
Hi Thor, thanks for replying, I have sent an email asking for an appointment to go there (because you can’t go there without one), I’ve had so many bad experiences with the Auslaender Behoerde that I am lost at what to do or how to behave, so many letters and emails I sent I got no answer for.
That's probably the best thing to do right now. I know that it can be quite exhausting dealing with German authorities, but I hope you will get your documents back. Feel free to tell us how your appointment went and if further questions occur: just ask ;)
Dealing with authorities and bureaucracy is always stressful, but it's an obsolete prejudice that the German variant is most annoying. Many things seem to be complicated here, especially regulations. In fact they often are and German citizens feel overchallenged. And so many authorities do as well. My personal advice: Be patient and tenacious. You can enter an objection to many authority decisions. If you need local support in Hamburg ask 'Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg' for help. Contact information: Good luck!
Just to let you all know that i went and applied for the recovery of my papers and i will be notified when and where to pick them up :) thanks for all your help
I'm glad to hear that you were successful :)
Great! I hope you'll get back your papers soon.

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Hello @Roula,

hopefully you will get your Passport soon, but if they didnt succeed,then i would reccomend to to to the Ausländerbehörde and tell them to send a Formal letter or Document to the Syrian Embassy, telling them to provide you with a new Pass.
As it was the same Scenario happened in Berlin.
Good Luck.
answered Jul 21, 2017 by Tarek_j
Thanks Tarek
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