Hello everyone in the group,

I am an asylum seeker, living in Germany for about 2 and a half years, I started my marriage process with my German partner, about a year ago. Now that it’s in the final state.

The court is asking me to submit my passport ( which is now expired) or the reasons I should state why I can’t retrieve my passport.

I stated that I can’t renew my passport as 1. My passport is with bamf and 2. To even renew my passport the Indian embassy would need a resident permit which I don’t have. 3. I am not allowed to contact my embassy anyway, as that would be the violation of asylum rights.

Now the court is saying that these reasons aren’t sufficient, and according to the federal law I can still contact my embassy and fetch a passport.

So I am now confused. I currently live alone and do not have a social worker and I am not sure whom to contact. i sent an email to Bamf but I never received a reply from them.

In the auslanderborde, they ask me to bring a translator else they don’t provide any information in English and I find it hard to find a translator and my partner is busy with his work.

What should I do in this situation? Whom can I contact and is it possible for them to give my passport and can I renew it ?

Please kindly suggest

Thank you

Kind regards
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Brüder , ich bin in der gleichen Situation wie du, aber ich habe eine härtere Zeit als du, ich habe einen gültigen Reisepass, aber sie haben mich dazu gebracht, zur chinesischen Botschaft in Deutschland zu gehen, um eine Bescheinigung über die Familienstandserklärung zu bekommen, ich habe meine Leidigkeit bescheinigung von zu Hause, aber das Standesamt wird es nicht erlauben!
Normalerweise kann man das nicht ohne einen gültigen Reisepass machen, der auf jeden Fall gültig sein muss, aber das Standesamt verlangt von mir, dass ich zur Botschaft meines Herkunftslandes gehe, um eine Ledigkeitsbescheinigung auszustellen, was nicht richtig ist.

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Hi. From my own experience l had a Aufenthaltsgestattung,no Duldung and my passport was valid with BAMF. When l went to Standesamt, l was given the required documents to bring. We had enough time to gather the documents and have all of them legalised in my home country. The moment you submit the forms that you want to marry BAMF will be notified. So don't be surprised if you get a deportation letter or the same drama you explained.

l was given a copy of my passport from Auslaenderbehoerde and submitted that together with all the documents to Standesamt. After the wedding you can then book an appointment with Auslaenderbehoerde to apply for a resident permit alongside with your partner's documents. All of this was done without a lawyer.

I shared this hoping it can help you. With the whole process you need 6months- 1 year depending with the documents you have here. A valid passport is required and soon you submit it at Standesamt they will not give you back but hand it over to Auslaenderbehoerde.

Example: A friend had an expired passport and when it expired she was asked to bring a new passport. The passport was taken away immediately it arrived in Germany via courier. Meaning you will not be in position of your passport until you have resident permit

 Please engage a lawyer otherwise all the effort will be for nothing. Lastly make sure you are marrying for the right reasons and read the marriage law in Germany. l later divorced a man whom at that time l regret marrying The  process for divorce took years.

Kind regards

answered Jun 30 by Simi
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