Hello I am a refugee from Gambia and I am right now on the process of getting married with my girlfriend, and 2 days ago we submitted all our required documents to the Standestamt including my home passport. And they made a copy and return it back to me and said that I have to take the passport with my ausweis to my Auslanderberhold to check the passport and to change something from my ausweis so I have been there today and they collected my passport and give me a certified copy of it and said let me wait them until when they finish checking it all and after they would send me the letter. So my question is what else should I do from the Standesamt?And what does that means by the Auslanderberhold?
asked Jul 6, 2017 in Legal advice by Moro | 637 views

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Hello @Yaffa

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First of all, you have to be patient. German bureaucracy usually takes some time to get its work done. Since you just handed in the documents a few days ago, it is totally normal that you have not received an answer yet.

If the Standesamt did not tell you to do anything else besides bringing your documents to the Ausländerbehörde, then you just have to wait. The Ausländerbehörde will refer back to you as soon as there is news concerning your case. Beyond that, I can only speculate since I don't know what exactly the Ausländerbehörde needs to check/change.

As far as I can see everything should be fine. Or am I missing the point here? Feel free to ask further questions if anything remained unclear or if I misunderstood the question.

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answered Jul 10, 2017 by Thor
Thank you very much Thorgen.
The point is I have been with the required documents and the passport to the Standestamt, and they took the other documents and made the copy of my passport and my ausweis. After then they told me to come with my passport and ausweis to the Auslanderberhold that they has to change the cross in the box of my ausweis which indicate that I have no passport with me, and since I has passport then Auslanderberhold have to change that, and indicate that I am having an authentic passport. So since I have been there Auslanderberhold they made a certified copy of my passport and said that they are going to check it out if all details match and if they need any information they will contact me .
But they haven't yet  change that from my ausweis so that's what's confusing me,because the Standesamt told me that without bringing that copy of my passport and change the cross in the box, they won't send the documents to the court to start the process.
@ yaffa.. I had a similar experience with the standesamt.. The reason is because the need to get out the X sign on your Auswiess ( submitting your passport makes this possible). The only problem I see is if you get a rejection before the marriage date is approved. You can get deported since they have your passport.. How long did they say the document will spend in Gambia for the verification?
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