German hubby securing DE job.1st register marriage in DE before reunification visa appl? Will no degree affect my appl?

Reunification visa/Kindergeld/lack of degree
asked Oct 13, 2018 in Other Questions by Minxy

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Dear @Minxy, welcome to our community!!! As to your question, in order to be able to answer your question it is important to know whether he is already in Germany and is working and if so then it is important to know if you were married at the time he git the job in Germany and got his visa. When I have the Details I can give you some guidance. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 15, 2018 by Nilab
Apologies.I was not permitted a longer message. My husband is a German citizen.  We married in South Africa 5 years ago. He is job seeking in DE.  Once a job is secured, he will go to Germany. Kid (not my husband's) and I must then hurriedly do the A1 lessons and test and then apply for reunification visa. We have not yet registered our marriage in Germany. Is it better to do this before I file visa applications? Also, I have many years good job experience but no degree. I do worry about earning capability. Will there be free or low cost options to further my education as the wife of a German? Will I only qualify for kindergeld once I am gainfully employed in Germany. Sorry for the ritz of questions. Many thanks Nilab!
Dear @Minxy, thank you for your clearification and waiting for the answer. Once you apply for Visa as spouse of a German citizen, you have to proof your marriage at the German embassy in S. Afrika. A1 is one condition but your higher education is not a fact to play role. There are many ways to get further education in Germany once you are here( through the Arbeits Agentur/Jobcenter). Please follow the link in order to find out what you both need in order to process a successful visa application with the German Embassy: Best regards, Nilab
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