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I really don’t know what do because my German is good and I have only A1 certificate
Hallo Kpovi,
Did you submitted the passport or did you have a have any Ausbildungvertrag already?
Why did they not accept your request for ausbildungduldung?

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Dear @Kpovi90

thank you for using the community for your question. 

We are looking forward to your contribution here as part of the community. 

As for your question in general the passport is not a strict requirement to get the permission for he Ausbildung from the Foreign Office, however one of the requirements are your German language skills, you have to proof(as far as possible) your Identity, have no been in conflict with the law before, the Ausbildung have to at a company, your country of origin should not be on the list of "Sichere Herkunftsländer". If the Ausländerbehörde rejects your application ask for a written reasoning of the rejection, as in such a case you can appeal the rejection. 


I hope I could assist you with the answer, if you have open questions please do not hesitate to use the platform. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 3, 2018 by Nilab
Thank you very much for your reply .. now I got a letter for landratsamt saying I will soon begin A2 language course .. my question is can I still register for next year ausbilding ?
Dear @Kpovi90, your welcome. Yes, you could if you get the offer and the permission to sign the contract by the foreign office. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us. Best regards, Nilab
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How can my child have a international birth certificate if the mother is Italian and the father is a migrants from Gambia?
Right now my child cannot travel no where because at his birth certificate they wrote there the father identification is unknown.
answered Jul 24, 2019 by Sulayman
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Please, how long did you stay with Duldung before finding ausbildung?
answered Oct 16, 2019 by MIKE 130
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