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Hello,I would very much like to know if they will accept my case if i go to Germany and apply for protection,because i'm not from the middle east war zone countries but rather in danger of prosecution.
i will explain my situation briefly,i know it all depends on the government officials who will be handling my application in the end but i just want to know if there were successful cases similar/same to mine.
I'm from Urumqi,XinJiang,China.and my ethnicity is kazakh not chinese,i dont know if you have the knowledge of whats happening here or not,but it is awful.
(here i had to delete over 9000 words because  the word limit is 8000 here,i explained the situation in details how the minorities get taken by the government and disappear often executed or hold in concentration camps without reason,and how our life has been,you can read about it on articles or videos regarding this issue.had to delete al lot random stuff,hopefully didnt deletethe part how my life is in danger and what horrible things are happening and im scared of going to the camp or disappear) much of explaining what is going on,and about my own situation?i'm 24 years old,a girl,kazakh.i went to kazakhstan back in 2013,
i met my boyfriend in 2015 and moved to Istanbul from kazakhstan in 2016,he is an atheist who was educated in the Netherlands and America,things are going really good,i was working earning a decent salary,we went partying every weekend life was great.but as i was enjoying my freedom,i didnt know things got so serious and dangerous back in XinJiang,i would talk to my mum and she never mentioned any of the stuff to me,now i know why she was scared to do so,thank god she didnt i dont know what i wiuld do if she was arrested for that and get locked away in the concentration camps.
8.Anyways,last october (2017) i had a holiday i decided to visit my families because i havent been back since 2013,i was detained at passport control,didnt even know what was going on or why,they took me into a room,looked through all of my luggage,and asked to check my phone/laptop and fored to give out my passcode,i was shocked not knowing this is the usual for everybody else,i dont know what they were looking for but i know what theyve found:explicit photos of me and my boyfriend,my personal blog,my frequent visit to fetlife,ect.i was devastated,felt ashamed and naked in front of all the police officers.i wasnt allowed to use the restroom or was i offered any water for all that hours.All because i am kazakh and i was in kazakhstan and lived in turkey.hours later they escorted  me out of the airpirt,there,my mum was waiting for me,i cried and ran to her and i didnt even open my mouth my mum hushed me and asked me not to say a word,they informed my local police officers to pick me up with my mum,at this point they already cut my passport,they drove us back to our local police station and went on with the same but more detailed questioning,until i gave them the proof of my working as an engkish teacher at a well known facility,and even then they asked if my students were muslims,umm yesss?i was in turkey?most of the populations are muslims?they asked if i was ever contacted by terrorists even isis lmao,i was like no,i told them how amazing istanbul was and most of the people are open minded and its very western compared to the media portrait,it wasnt enough for them. that point i wasnt even as desperate as i am now,i naively thought if i proove of no danger and and not what they think i was i could just go get a new passport and leave,cuz this was still a 2 week vacation for me,i brought only a backpack,not knowing what i left behind was myboyfriend,all my friends,my job,my dog,MY LIFE.
11.i was asked to report to the police station every week,doing the same interviews again and again,i slowly learned about what was and still is happening here,learned aboutthe camps,learned about the disappearing of innocent people,and then people my families know started missing,i was so scared,at first i was arguing with the police,until they told me how lucky i was that im still 'free' and not arrested.
12.that went on for a couple of months,at that point all hopes were gone,i was seriously depressed staying in my room all the time,not to mention all the panic attacks i suffered thinking i might be gone the next day.i attempted to end my life multiple times,it was and still is going on.
13.later i was given an ID because it was a problem for the police who are doing street patrols also that they scan minorities' IDs on the streets.
14.i was stupid enough thinking i could apply for a passport and leave,my passport application is still ' in process ' while the police officer clearly told me its impossible for me to get one,they collected everybody's passport,(of course not the chinese or the Hui people),and we're all denied travel.we are in this invisible prison,being controled digitally.
13.they took my fingerprints,my dna blood samples,my voice (i had to read for a recording device for 2 minutes),they scanned my face.
its been almost a year,im home cant work,wasted one of the best year of my youth doing nothing,constantly worrying about me and my families,when will i disappear?
i know i said breifly but i hella wrote a lot,i copied this maybe i will edit for my future statement?
i dont know if anyone would read this long boring post,but i hope there will be at least one person who would you know.
ive read about a uyghur guy was accidentally sent back to china from germany,i can assure you he is most likely dead thats how little they value our lives.
my concern is that at least uighur people have their communities and organizations abroad that help them,but im kazakh without helo.
im illegally using vpn to go on whatsapp and instagram to talk to my boyfriend and friends,or research about the possibilitues of me fleeing,or writing this post,im risking my life.
so i were ever to get a passport and make my way to germany,will i be likely granted for refugee status?as in everything i said were truth let alone under exaggerated.
this is just a mere hope at this point i dont even know how i will get a passport or when i will get taken by them,im already listed as dangerous for no reason,i cant last a week in the camps id rather scared of being tortured into admitting something i didnt do.
my best wishes goes to allthe people suffering from the war,but at this point i wish i was syrian,at least i get to leave and go somewhere safe whenever most of the not scared of physical pain,its the mental imprisonment that i can not endure more,i hope i will get a chance to leave and consider myself a lucky one,that i speak english and able to access this kind of informations and such,most people here are too scared to even think of leaving they just kinda accept this as their reality and living their life like zombies.
do you think i willbe granted for protection?because if they send me back thinking im not in danger (look at all those rich chinese tourists and international students living the life),and not knowing what is happening here in western china to us minorities,sending me back would mean me most probably dead and all my families in camps.
this is my last hope.
i will not be a danger to the german public,i will try to work and support myself working at probably tattoo studios or kindergartens as english speaking teacher.
fingers crossed my post wont sink unnoticed i will maybe copy and ask again until i have a respons.
Love xx
asked Sep 25, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by hopenamaste
omg i came to check if anyonr answered my question,and when i refreshed i saw this new user with an id spelling a chinese name posted 9 random posts very suspecious,i think theyre onto me?and those posts are some kind of code to mark my ip?even im caucious enough using a proxy but i guess its not enough since their techs are so advanced?or maybe im paranoid?why would this person just register a new account and posting these stuff mentioning china suddenly,i am really scared i hope yoi guys can help me soon so i can delete the posts,if i disappear without responding to your answers uou will know what happened to me @Thor @Nelly Overcomer
Dear @hopenamaste - Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. You don't have to worry. That's just a spam-bot and we will continue deleting such nonsense posts. There is no-one after you here on the platform. Best regards, Thorgen

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Hello @hopenamaste

welcome to our platform! We are sorry we could yet get you an answer on your sitiation.

Further, the situation you are in is a pitty nad I hope things will get better. But now to your questions: 

First we will have to look at the general requirements in order to be eligible for asylum in Germany: 

1. Individuals who are entitled to asylum or refugee protection are the ones who would face a serious human rights violation should they return to their country of origin.

What does that exactly mean?

If you were discriminated against, abused, or threatened in your homeland for reasons of

  •  race,
  •  religion,
  •  nationality,
  •  political opinion, or
  •  membership of a particular social group

then you can receive asylum or refugee protection. The prerequisite is that the state or international organizations are unable to guarantee your protection in your homeland. Furthermore, you are as a generally rule not allowed to have arrived via safe third countries.

There is also the possibility that you will receive subsidiary protection in Germany. You are entitled to this if you are in serious danger of serious damage in your home country. Serious damage is considered  as

  •  a pending death penalty
  •  torture
  •  inhuman and degrading punishment, or
  •  a threat to life resulting from an international or domestic armed conflict

In the asylum procedure, a deportation ban based on the country of origin can also be determined, as long as there is a risk of deportation for life, limb and freedom, for instance if you are seriously ill. You are then granted a residence permit for one year, but have fewer rights than recognized refugees.

--> So if we look at your situation at a first glance it seems to be clear that you are entitled to protection, but in order to convince of all this facts you will have to give proof of all the circumstances that force you to leave your country and seek protection in a another country.

But as you already rightly mentioned, it all depends on the individual facts nad its proofs and the person that will be in charge of your case. 

I hope we could assist you with our answer, if you have further question please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 1, 2018 by Nilab
thank you so much for the answer sorry that my question was too long,i dont have any proof on paper cuz theyre pretty sceptic but i guess i can record the future intwerviews and police calls with my phone?
thank you so much again
Dear @hopenamaste, your welcome! The calls and interviews are one part and if you get any kind of papers from them. Best regards, Nilab
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