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Hi ,

I moved to Europe on 2009 , and got applied Asylum in France and got rejected all , so then came germany 2015 made a Asylum here , my first asylum got rejected due to address issue ( they told I wasn’t there so I missed the letter )

However now my second asylum application was going on process , faced the interview last month and waiting for the results . More than 2 and half years of my arrival I used to work and got a permanent work contract , also officially I moved with my Aunty’s house , so still they consider my asylum as Dublin Regulations ? And those work and family stuffs can do any favors in my case ?
asked Aug 27, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Nima

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Hello @Nima

Nice to hear from you again.

You have to keep in mind that the Dublin regulation only comes into play when you claim asylum in one country, but you've been registered elsewhere already. For example: You already had an asylum procedure in France and then you applied for asylum in Germany again. German authorities have checked whether you are a Dublin case or not, and maybe they granted you a new procedure because it's been 9 years since you've been to France. Anyway, as long as you are having your procedure in Germany and you are not applying for asylum anywhere else, the Dublin regulation is not going to play a role in this case.

Having a job is not going to help you to get a residence permit at the end of the aslyum procedure. But I can be helpful later on, for example when you want to apply for a permanent residence permit after having stayed in Germany as a fully acknowledged refugee for three years.

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by Thor
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