Hello ,
I am a Srilankan , I already applied Asylum in France , but all got rejected . So from may 2015 , I moved to Germany and made a an Asylum here .
Well i’ve Been live here till date , also working with permanent work contract.
So my question is how much advantages I have to be not transfered back to France under the Dublin law ?
Please reply me as soon as possible
Thank you
asked Feb 15, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Nima | 1,056 views
Hello @Nima - Welcome to our community and thank you for your question. It's been a while since 2015, so may I ask if you already received a result about your asylum application in Germany? Best regards, Thorgen
Thank you for your reply ,
Well actually only last month I found out , that my case was closed at December 31st , but BAMF never informed that , but after my attorney’s first letter that they mentioned , my case was closed because I wasn’t lived that specific home, I must respond within 7 days or should leave the germany. I replied that letter through my attorney on the right time limit  , that letter was given to me from BAMF , they mentioned specific time period which I didn’t make my monthly signature , because of that time I got my work permission by landratsamt , due to my work I wasn’t stay all days specific home , so I beginning of this month I replied with the misunderstanding of this thing , because my official residence is about Baden wuttemberg , and I got my work permission at NRW
But still I don’t get any responds to that letter , my attorney told its their mistake , they gave me work permission specific time period , same time they Abmeldung your present on that Residence ...
however I am bit confused with the preset things , I read something that the transfer time period should be 6 months from the entering date ,
So I wanna know more clarification about myself

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Hello @Nima

You already pointed out the Dublin law. It basically says that France is responsible for you and your asylum procedure.

There is several reasons for which you might haven’t been sent there yet. Did you give your passport to German authorities such as Ausländerbehörde or BAMF? If not, it's not unlikely that they can't deport you because they are not a hundred percent sure about your identity. They have to have valid papers in order to send you back.

If German authorities can’t find out and/or prove where you applied for asylum before within 6 months, or if deportation doesn’t happen within said timeframe, they have to give you an asylum procedure. Note that this time frame expands to 18 months if you hide yourself from authorities on purpose.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you you much about the things you outlined in your comment. Your attorney probably has better insights into that. I can only tell you that your work contract doesn’t grant you a right to stay in Germany.

I hope that this answer is somehow helpful to you.

Best regards,
answered Feb 20, 2018 by Thor
Yeah hope it’s good :)
Anyhow thank you for your valuable comments :)
Dear Nima,

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