I'm in France since 5 month and I'm arrived in France via airplane, My question is that if I will go to the Germany and apply for a asylum then what is a chances to get asylum and if they reject me then what will happen with me. They will send me back to France?
asked Jan 24, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Dani

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Hello @Dani

Thank you for your question and welcome to our community!

France and Germany both signed the so-called Dublin III convention. It states that only one country is responsible for an asylum seekers application. That is the country where you first arrived within EU.

In your case there are two possible scenarios:

1) If you didn't apply for asylum in France yet and go to Germany in order to apply for the first time ever, it might be that Germany will give you an asylum proceeding. They will check back with the European database (EURODAC) that contains all fingerprints of refugees and asylum seekers that arrived in EU. If your fingerprint is on that list, they can trace back where you first entered EU (--> France). If you didn't get registered (hence they don't know where you came from within EU) then you can have your asylum process in Germany.

2) If you made an asylum application in France and go to Germany afterwards to apply a second time, you will most likely be send back. That doesn't mean that your application got rejected, but it's France's job to give you a fair process (and not Germany).

So basically it comes down to the question(s) if authorities took your fingerprint at some point (or not) and if you already applied for asylum in France (or not).

Best regards,
answered Jan 24, 2018 by Thor
First of all thank you Sir for the reply, No I didn't apply asylum in France.
Sir tell me that if I will go to Germany and apply asylum first time and some time after they rejected my application of asylum, Then what will happen with me? I mean to say, What will I have remain options.
Hello @Dani - if you get rejected you can appeal against the decision. There is quite a high chance for success (at least on first level of jurisdiction). After that you might get a residence permit or another type of status that allows you to stay. If you get rejected again it could happen that you have to go back to your home country or you might get deported. In some cases it’s possible to get a so-called “Duldung”, which means that you are not officially acknowledged as a refugee, but it enables you to stay (due to various reasons such as a general suspension of deportation to your home country). A subsequent asylum application in another country is not an option (see what I wrote in my initial answer above to see why). Best regards, Thorgen
I stayed in Germany for three years on student visa never claimed asylum and now I am intending to claim asylum in other european country like France. Would france consider my application or would they send me back to Germany?
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