My name is Marwane. I am Tunisian,30 years old and i am a physician. I have been studying 6 years in Ukraine. I have a big problem in my life pushing me sometimes to think about suicide. My parents are pushing me to marry a girl. They dont know that i am gay. But the problem if i say i am gay or say no to the girl i will be homeless. I am asking you for help so i can come to germany,learn german and then get a work in a hospital and live my life woth freedom. Hope i can get some help from you.
asked Aug 27, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Marwan | 1,278 views

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Hello @Marwan

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are in.

As a physician you might be eligible for a Blue Card. It allows you to enter Germany legally and to work here. Please read through this website carefully to find extensive information about it:


I'll give you a short summary of some of the most important points:

- The Blue Card allows highly-qualified non-EU citizens to legally move to e.g. Germany in order to work in a field with a skills shortage

- You need a job offer/work contract beforehand in order to apply for the Blue Card (the minimum salaray is 39.624€ a year for doctors)

- The Blue Card is valid for 4 years or (if the work contract covers a shorter period of time) it is valid for the duration of the work contract plus 3 months

- Get in contact with the German diplomatic representation in Tunisia in order to apply for it

Best regards,


answered Aug 27, 2018 by Thor
Thank you for your support. Yes i heard about this but the problem i can apply only if i have a B2 level certificate of language  but yet i couldnt learn german. I hoped i coukd do this after get asyl to germany.
I see, so this is not an option at the moment.

Another way would be that you come here e.g. with a tourist visa and claim asylum once you entered Germany. German authorities have to process your claim then. In general, it is possible to be granted asylum based on persecution due to your sexual orientation. But as always, it depends on your individual case/story.

I can't tell you though what your chances are to be granted such a visa. There is a reason why most refugees have to come to Europe "illegally" (meaning: without a visa). The member states of EU won't issue a visa to someone if they suspect that s/he is not going to leave after the visa expired. They assume it's just false pretenses to claim asylum in the end.
Ok. There is another way. As i am a doctor i can apply for student visa to come and learn the language and then post for a work. But i need 2 things: first an invutation from a person who is living in germany in the office of immigratuion and pay the fees if german course to get the visa. I think i can find the money fof the school but can you at least do this vaucher-invitation to me? Im ready to givd you all the documents you need
You have to apply for the appropriate German study visa at the embassy/consulate of Germany in Tunisia to enter/stay in Germany. If you have proof that you can cover your expenses ("Finanzierungsnachweis) it is not necessary to have a sponsor/invitation.

For detailed information please check out this website: ****://***.germany-visa.org/student-visa/
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