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If you have refugee passport from Italy and your country passport from Senegal. Which one can i use if i want to apply for permit of residence in Germany or working visa
asked Aug 9 in Legal advice by Lamin7746 (170 points)

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In order to get a visa to enter Germany, you have to have a valid passport or another document that is valid for purposes of identification ("Passersatz" or "Ausweisersatz"). The underlying law is AufenthG §3 (

In accordance with AufenthG §48 (2) a residence title which contains information about its owner and a photo, is sufficient to work as a substitute for a passport (

To me it looks like you can either use your home country's passport or the document that has been issued by the Italian government (if it fulfils the criteria mentioned above).

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answered Aug 10 by Thor (62,450 points)
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