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Hi i have an Italian 1951 Geneva Convention Refugee Travel Document. And i've also made an application for My Nigerian Passport at the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin. Which i will attend on September 3.) Next month)  my question is which of the Travel Document should i use to apply for the German Spouse Visa. Should i use the italian Refugee Travel Document or the Nigerian Passport? Which one will be more suitable for the issuance of the German Spouse visa. I just dont want to take chance that's why i'm doing everything possible to get the Visa. that's also why i requested for the Nigerian Passport too. And also i will be requesting for the German Spouse Visa at the German Embassy in Rome, Italy as i'm also an Italian Resident Having legal rights to reside in the country because of my Refugee status there. And also i won't be able to Travel to Nigeria to request for the visa as of now because of the Refugee status
asked Aug 24, 2018 in Legal advice by Nelly Overcomer

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