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Thank you so much for reading through my situation. I’m currently talking to a man located in Afghanistan. He is in the process of applying for student visa to Europe. He will likely either be on student visa in Europe or asylum seeker in Europe. Once he is in Europe I would like to either apply for k1 visa or CR1 visa to bring him to US. My first question: Is it possible to apply for k1 visa for him while he is in Europe on student visa status or asylum status? What documents do we need to include in our application due to this special circumstance.

asked Aug 9, 2018 in Legal advice by Shamla

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Hello @Shamla

In this specific case it's hard to find valid information online. It's probably best to get in touch with the US consulate general in Frankfurt. They are responsible to issue US visa for German citizens and can tell you whether your fiancé can apply for a visa there or not. Usually, you have to apply in the country where you are having your permanent residence. So it doesn't necessarily need to be one's home country. But unfortunately I can't tell you if this also applies for Pakistani citizens or if they have to apply for visa at home.

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answered Aug 14, 2018 by Thor
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