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Hello everyone and I hope I have chosen the correct category for my question.

My husband is:

  • stateless citizen (no citizenship)
  • Palestinian nationality
  • Egyptian travel document
  • student residence permit in Romania expiring in december, soon to be renewed with a member of family residence permit
  • doctor with a general dentistry qualification obtained outside the EU, and recognised in Romania
  • specialization of 3 years (orthodontics) completed at an university in Romania (thanks to which he has a student residence permit)
I am:
  • EU citizen (Romanian)
If I receive a job offer in Germany and I move there, what should do to legally take my husband with me?
Should he apply as a refugee in Germany?
If he changes the residence permit in Romania from a student one to a member of family one, will this be enough to travel and work in Europe just like I do?
Which are the procedures we should follow?
Thanks in advance!
asked Jul 26, 2018 in Legal advice by i.h.
Hello @i.h. - Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. Maybe @WKZB1 can help you to find an answer tomorrow. Best regards, Thorgen

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Dear @I.h.,

If your husband owns a valid Romanian residence permit and you enter Germany for work (at least 10 hours per week), your husband can accompany you to Germany without a visa and then apply for a residence card (Aufenthaltskarte) for family members of an EU citizen entitled to free movement at the immigration office at your place of residence in Germany within 90 days after entering Germany. It would be good if your husband had the Romanian residence permit for family reunion at the time of entry into Germany.

Information about the required documents for the application for the residence Card can be found under the following link of the Berlin Immigration Authority:

Best regards


answered Aug 8, 2018 by WKZB1
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