Good evening everyone as I already ask in my question before but because if so much stress I can’t sleep can’t do Nothig even consult with lawyers still I’m not clear on many things I’m married with eu citizen 4 years and 7 months we have one child almost 4 years old with German nationality because of some family reasons my wife and kids are abmeld from Germany they move to Poland and have no more address in Germany I inform Auslanderbehorde that my wife don’t live with me no more we are still married and our relationship is fine I inform them they give me appointment I go and they send me home without anything in writing and said I have no resident rights in Germany if my wife is not living here no more and they told me you have 4 weeks time to go talk to wife if she will come back but my wife can’t come back it’s some other problems I ask lawyer and my lawyer said if you told them all and they send you home without anything in written then we must wait when they will send you some latter to leave Germany then you can contact me and we will do something I’m so scared because I’m almost 6 months away from my 5 years time in Germany I need only 6 months and I will be 5 years in Germany I’m scare what happen if Auslanderbehorde will say to me leave the country in 4 weeks or 3 weeks or anything like that if they take work permission and everything for me and what I can do to avoid that and what are my chances if they can really ask me to leave country that sucks because I’m so long married plus German child plus 4 years 7 months married and all this time we lived in Germany togther please some one tell me if they can really force on me deportation or anything like that because my lawyer  said I must wait for there latter what if they send no latter at all then what am I suppose to do ?

Please anyone can tell me how bad looks my condition and what’s my chances

Best regards
asked Mar 30, 2023 in Legal advice by Musawvir | 315 views

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Dear @Musawvir,

I am really sorry to hear about your stress and worries. However, I am afraid that we can not provide more information on your situation "from distance" - on a public platform. My colleague was answering you as good as possible already here as well as here. I can only support his recommendations to get individual help in a counselling office using the search engine he was mentioning in his last answer or this one, for instance. Any predictions about "what your chances are" would not be serious. I can only quote my colleague again who stated:

"The law around EU and non-EU partnerships in Germany is complex and so it is important you do not accept information about this as valid without checking it or having someone with experience in this area check it.

In my previous answer I detailed that, based on the information you provided here, you are entitled to a residence permit according to paragraph 3, section 4, part 1 of the law on EU freedom of movement."

If the immigration office is not respond to your objection, it can really help to get support by an experienced social worker from a migration counselling office (which services are free of charge) or by a lawyer. Since you hired a lawyer already and apparently don't trust his actions/words, it can make sense to discuss your doubts in one of those counselling offices.

Please don't hesitate to give as an update on your situation as soon as you have some new information.

All the best,


answered Apr 1, 2023 by Meike
Thanks a lot Mike for your feedbacks yes I have already called them and told my story and they have written all and said some will contact me and yes I understand that law very well like I suppose to get and independent resident in my condition but in Germany it’s always something unpredictable can come forward so now I must deal with it as much I can anyways I will report if anything new come up thanks a lot for your kind reply’s and help
Best regards
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