asked Jul 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Ousman

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Hello @Ousman

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

In order to answer it, we need a little more information about you and your current status: Did you have your asylum procedure in Germany or in the Netherlands? Is the procedure already finished and if so, what is your legal status at the moment?

Please answer these questions so that we can help you to find an answer to your question.

Best regards,


answered Jul 9, 2018 by Thor
Hello there, thank you for your reply.. I was in Germany and have applied for asyl but it's denied base on the Dublin laws that neitherlands  is responsible for my case.. I got deported last week but they dudnt say an thing  If I have any entry ban or not. now holland IND has asked me to request for new asylum.  I did last week also... but my German girlfriend want us to marry.... is it possible to do and what document do I need as a Gambian.. I came to the Netherlands last year with a visa but didn't apply for asyl .. the first place was germany I request for asyl but got sent back here ... I want know what posibilities do i have to marry here and the duration or cost and all..

Thank you
Thank you for clarifying the matter.

Since you got deported from Germany an entry ban has been imposed on you (but I can't tell you how long it is valid though). Apart from that, you won't be allowed to travel as an asylum seeker. That's why your girlfriends has to come over to the Netherlands in order to marry you.

Based on my research I found out that you have to get in contact with the town hall. They will tell you which documents you need to submit exactly.

Best regards,
I want to know if can marry here to my German girlfriend here in Netherlands... I just checked and see that I have six months entry ban... and if we marry here will be registered in Netherlands or in Germany?  Thank you
When you get married in the Netherlands, German authorities are not involved. It is registered in the Netherlands, but it will be recognized as a legally binding marriage in other EU countries like Germany.
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