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Hello.i applied asylum in UK which was rejected from courts aswell.i moved to Italy .I applied asylum again in Italy.since 3 months I'm waiting for my dublin11.they did not issuesed 6 months soggiorno to one telling me how long procedure will take to find out either they will process my case or ask me to go back UK.
I have Hungarian girlfriend and she is living in Holland.she is asking me to come Holland and get married with me.i will move to Holland (I know not through legal way) then is it possible to get married with her in Holland?
I will appreciate your quick response.thankd
asked May 1, 2018 in Legal advice by adam18

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Hello @adam18

Nice to hear from you again.

I highly doubt that your plan is going to work. As you already pointed out you can't travel to the Netherlands legally (in general, asylum seekers are not allowed to travel). But you will have to get in contact with authorities (like registry office) if you want to marry. I don't think it's going to be possible to marry if you are residing there illegally because authorities will try to deport you once they found about it.

As far as I can see it would be the easiest option if your fiancé comes to Italy and that you try to get married there.

Best regards,


answered May 8, 2018 by Thor
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