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Hello There, I am a rrfugee who curently living in netherlands. I am still on asyl procedure and waiting for final interview but meanwhile i want to marry with my German German girlfriend. I have explain this to the responsible authorities here and have all the required documents with me except my passport which i lost sometime ago last year while i was in asylum in Germany. I only have copies. But all other necessary documents are with me. Im really nervous and scared to go ahead with marriage plans becus of the risk to be deported back to Gambia. I came here with visa and seek asyl before it wss expired in Germany.. i got ban 6months from entering germany until January 2019. Im worried that maybe i may be ask to leave to my home cuntry for marriage and even maybe put another entry ban on me after leaving EU. I need some advice please.. Eventhough neitherlands is responsible for my assylum but i want to go back to germany. I don't what to do now.. what is safe and how to go about it.. can you please help me
asked Sep 10, 2018 in Legal advice by Ousman

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Hello Ousman,

thank you for the question. I will get back to you soon, after some research.

Best regards,

answered Sep 11, 2018 by Nilab
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