Hello there my question is i got an Nagative on my Asylum and also a later for Derpotation but luckily i got an Ausbildung so can i able to travel going back to my country now since my Asylum has been rejected so can i go to my home country for holiday during the Ausbuildung and come back do i need a Visa to go and come back.
Thank you.
asked Jun 25, 2018 in Legal advice by Tafy

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Hello @Tafy

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

Your legal status is Duldung. It's not a residence title, but a suspension of deportation for a specific reason (in your case: because you started an Ausbildung).

The German state granted you a Duldung because your home country is not able or willing to provide shelter for you. By going to your home country you basically show the authorities that your life isn't in danger there anymore. That's why I don't recommend going there. You risk losing your Duldung immediately.

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answered Jun 25, 2018 by Thor
Ok thank you but since my Asylum has been rejected m i still on Asylum status or now iam a student and also wich means if you have a Duldung so you are not allowed to travel go out of the country or you are not only allowed to go to Home country?
As far as I could find out the rules for a normal Duldung and Ausbildungsduldung are the same when it comes to traveling: You are not allowed to leave Germany unless you get a special permit by Ausländerbehörde. Traveling to your home country is not possible if you don't want to lose your Duldung.
If you were claiming refuge (asylum) here, that would have meant that you were fleeing your home country, that your life was in some way in danger. If it's safe to go back, go back. Are you not aware that it is wrong (unethical) to try to do what you're doing?

You want to go there ON HOLIDAY?!?
Completely unethical. You are completely abusing the system and actual refugees.

How can you go for a holiday to a country from which you were asking for security ??!!
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