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For example, you need to go back to your country because a relative passed away. Can Auslandbehörde give you an exemption? I know one cannot return because that would mean there is no threat in your country, but what if you really need to?
asked Aug 18, 2018 in Legal advice by

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Hello dear, to my understanding, you want to go back to your country for a funeral but  what I can tell you is, it's not safe because in no account you should go back to your country while in asylum process or with the blue passport because if you do so, that will show that you have no fear of persecution in your country. You can be able to go back to your country of origin but you can't come back to Germany or in any country your asylum process taking place. Thanks and I hope I have answered your question
answered Aug 20, 2018 by Denny28
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