Hi my name is Molham...
I am from Syria I am 23 and I am here with my parents...
We did ask for asylum in Greece and then go to Sweden we spent there 1.5 year and get rejected...
We came to Germany and after 15 month we got our first rejection...  Since 3 months..
And now we are appealing...  
Greece did give us a permit for 3 years..  And it's over Today. ..
My question is will our case gone change now...  ?
Should we do any thing at this point ?
Any other advices our information  from we will be glad for..
asked Jun 17, 2018 in Legal advice by Meltomm | 386 views
Hello @Meltomm - Nice to hear from you again. Maybe @WKZB1 can give you an answer on Wednesday. Best regards, Thorgen
Hi @meltomm, after I read your question I came to know that we have the same issues, if u don’t mind me asking you, what has happened with your case!! Thanks and best regards Eliya.o
Hello.... Currently, the administrative court has rejected the appeal... and the lawyer did not submit an appeal to the Supreme Court... He told me... you should get residency without the need to appeal... and they have given me now Dildung. .. You can follow the questions that I ask successively on my page .. I hope that you have obtained the residence permit?
The last refusal decisio in October... They gave me the Deldung in March

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Dear @Meltomm, The fact that the Greek residence permit has now expired does not change anything about your asylum procedure in Germany. I guess that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees rejected your family's application for asylum and ordered deportation to Greece or Sweden. If your family has not only filed a complaint against this decision, but has also filed an application for suspensive effect, then it depends on the decision of the administrative court on this application whether or not your family may remain in Germany. If your family didn´t file such an application for suspensive effect or the administrative court rejects the application for suspensive effect, the immigration authority has 6 months to deport your Family to Greece (or Sweden). If they fail to do this within that time limit, your family can stay in Germany to conduct your asylum follow-up procedure. Best regards WKZB1
answered Jun 27, 2018 by WKZB1
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