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Hello everyone, please my question is, I have been giving resident permit of one year to stay in Germany but I file an appeal to the court to obtain three years ,  can I process the one year resident permit while waiting for the decision from the court or I can't go for the one year resident permit because of the appeal I made? Thanks
asked Jun 15 in Asylum proceedings by Denny28 (880 points)
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Hello @Denny28 - nice to hear from you again. Maybe @WKZB1 can give you an answer on Wednesday. Best regards, Thorgen
Good morning Thor, please can you forward my question to @WKZB1 to get the answer? Please
Hello @Denny28 - Unfortunately our mail server had a temporary time-out which is why some notifications got lost. Nethertheless, I forwarded this question to him already. We apologize for the inconvenience. Best regards, Thorgen

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Dear Denny28,

Based on your information, I guess that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has granted you the status "prohibition of deportation" and that you´ve filed a complaint against this dicision because of the status "refugee" and "subsidiary protection" at the administrative court. If it´s so, you can´t obtain the one year residence permit while waiting for the decision from the court. You can only have the Aufenthaltsgestattung.

Best regards

answered Jun 27 by WKZB1 (5,800 points)
Good morning WKZB1, thanks very much for making me to understand it well and please have a wonderful day
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