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Hi! Is it true that having a job will improve your chances of getting recognised as a refugee? I have met some actual Germans and they keep saying that having a job will make you stay.
asked May 14, 2018 in Work by someoneingermany

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Dear @someoneingermany,

Thor is right. Having a job doesn´t improve your chance of getting recognized as a refugee, but could help you to get a legal residence in Germany later. If your asylum application is refused, there is a possibility for you to receive a residence permit in accordance to § 25b Aufenthaltsgesetz granted, if you:

- have stayed at least eight years without interruption in Germany with Duldung, Aufenthaltsgestattung or residence Permit (six years of stay for families with minors);

- cover the living expenses predominantly (at least 51%) by yourselves (exceptions when in professional training, studying etc.);

- own German language skills A2;

- have not deceived about your identity and origin;

- possess a passport or are able to demonstrate you cannot get one.

Best regards


answered May 16, 2018 by WKZB1
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Hello @someoneingermany

In general, having a job does not affect your chances to stay or to get recognized as a refugee.

Check out the following thread here on Wefugees for further information:

Maybe @WKZB1 has something to add.

Best regards,


answered May 15, 2018 by Thor
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